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Mining and Geophysical survey

With EXSOSYS subsurface scanners, you can get helpful information about your extraction area or desired anomaly. The "FSM" method can also be beneficial in pinpointing the location of anomalies and even detecting more minor anomalies, which might be missed by other scanning methods



In archaeological studies, we encounter small and large anomalies that require sensitive detection. For this reason, it is essential to use subsurface scanner to locate buried metals, uncover old structures, or discover hidden canals or pathways. The FSM and multi-topology capabilities of an EXOSYS scanner provide detailed environmental data, leading to more accurate analysis and reducing errors in projects. Invest in the best tools for your archaeological work and consider the benefits of an EXOSYS subsurface scanner


Military and police investigation

If needed, a military version of the EXOSYS subsurface scanner can be custom-designed with specific technical features to suit unique or challenging conditions. The military model can detect items such as UXO, secret canals, soil tampering, or clandestine graves, making it an excellent tool for police investigations.

About Us

Who we are?

The EXSIM team is comprised of dedicated professionals who are passionate about designing and producing advanced measurement equipment and data visualization technology, including sub-surface 3D scanners. With over a decade of experience, we have developed more than ten models of sub-surface 3D scanners and have established partnerships with renowned companies. We are also proud members of IFIA (The International Federation of Inventors' Associations).

Our goal at EXSIM is to create a versatile platform for measurement equipment that utilizes cutting-edge technology at every stage of data detection, collection, and analysis, making it accessible to both specialist and non-specialist users. We are excited to launch the first generation of this intuitive and intelligent platform, the EXOSYS, in early 2023.


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