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With "EXSOSYS" or "EXSIM Lite" subsurface scanners, you can get helpful information about your extraction area or desired anomaly. The "FSM" method can also be beneficial in pinpointing the location of anomalies and even detecting more minor anomalies, which might be missed by other scanning methods

In archaeological studies, the detection of both small and large anomalies is crucial. To locate buried metals, uncover old structures, or discover hidden canals or pathways, the use of a subsurface scanner is essential. The EXOSYS scanner offers FSM and multi-topology capabilities, providing comprehensive environmental data for more precise analysis and minimizing errors in projects. Make the most of your archaeological work by investing in the superior tools and advantages offered by the EXOSYS subsurface scanner.

Customize the military version of the EXOSYS subsurface scanner to meet unique challenges. Detect UXO, secret canals, tampered soil, and clandestine graves with precision. Ideal for police investigations, this tool is tailored to suit specific technical requirements.

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EXSIM company is the provider of Subsurface Geospatial Technologies (SGT) and advanced subsurface data solutions. With over a decade of experience, we have developed innovative equipment and a versatile platform that offer precise and user-friendly measurement tools for professionals and enthusiasts. Our "EXOSYS" and "EXSIM Lite" series provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs. As proud members of IFIA, we contribute to industry advancements and deliver exceptional accuracy in subsurface data analysis. Experience the power of our intelligent subsurface scanning platform and join us at EXSIM to unlock the full potential of subsurface data analysis.



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