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Desktop data analysis

The "EXSIM-LAB Advanced" software is a powerful tool that seamlessly visualizes 2D and 3D data, offering advanced analysis features. With no need for a hardware interface, it simplifies operations, enabling effortless data reception from the detector and swift access to the database. Its user-friendly interface facilitates easy connection to the detector, smooth scanning, and quick data storage. All of the 'EXOSYS' series rely on "EXSIM-LAB Advanced" as their primary software, perfectly compatible with Microsoft Windows. This efficient software empowers you with comprehensive data visualization, storage, and analysis capabilities, ensuring optimal performance in your projects.


Furthermore, the "EXSIM-LAB Advance" software gathers valuable real-time information about the hardware status, such as battery levels and practical area conditions like 'Area Noise Level.' Additionally, it calculates the 'Origin Point' using three different mathematical methods, enhancing data reliability. The software offers numerous options and features for data visualization and analysis, including data clustering and AI capabilities, making it an excellent and reliable assistant for users. With its comprehensive functionalities, "EXSIM-LAB Advance" ensures you have all the necessary tools to make informed decisions and extract valuable insights from your subsurface scanning projects..

EXSIMLAB advanced-AI-p2.png
3D Visualization
Innovative Algorithms
EXSIM LAB Data dashboard
Real-Time Reliability Check & Tracking of Metadata
Data Clustring
Multi color spectrum

Minimum Requirement



Device Type

Desktop / Laptop / Tablet

Operating System

Microsoft Windows

Operating System version

min.  Windows 10 


min. 2.0 GHz (Intel/AMD)

Display Resolution default

1920 x 1080


min. 4 GB

Storage (HDD/SSD)

min. 4 GB

Graphics APIs


Database Size

~508 MB

Setup File Size

~ 22 MB

Graphic Card

min.  Radeon RX580/GeForce GTX 1060


Broadband internet connection

Additional Software

.NET Framework 4.8


EXSIM Products

The mobile app serves as a powerful tool for visualizing both 2D and 3D data. It eliminates the need for separate hardware interfaces because all control functions are integrated into the application's interface during run-time. This integration allows for data reception from the detector and easy access to stored data in the database.

exsim-lab lite.png

With a user-friendly interface, the app allows you to effortlessly connect to the detector, conduct scans, and quickly save them to the database. For both the EXSIM Lite Construction and Adventure versions, "EXSIM-LAB Lite" is the primary software, perfectly supported with Android smartphones and tablets, facilitating efficient data visualization and storage.

Copy of Untitled(2).png
3D Visualizer
3D Visualizer
2D Visualizer
Save on Data Base

Minimum Requirement



Device Type

Smart phone

Operating System


Operating System version

min.  Android 9.0


min. 2.0 GHz

Display Resolution default

720 x 1520


min. 2 GB


min. 1 GB

Blutooth type

4.2 or  higher version

App file size

~21 MB

Welcome to the EXOSYS Platform - your gateway to advanced subsurface scanning solutions. As you delve deeper, you'll discover our robust blend of AI-powered capabilities, seamless data synchronization, and innovative tools that consistently elevate industry standards. We're here to empower your work, ensuring precision and efficiency every step of the way. Dive in to explore more!


SYNC your Devices

Seamlessly sync all your data from EXSIMLAB Lite on your smartphone to the EXSIMLAB Advanced on your desktop or laptop, unlocking enhanced analytical features in the Advanced version

Person Analyzing Data

Sharing DATA

Since your data is stored in our database, sharing raw data across different platforms becomes effortless. Plus, we're working to make your data GIS-compatible.

Image by julien Tromeur

AI Engine

With the EXSIM LAB Advanced version, we're constantly enhancing the capabilities of the EXSIM AI engine to dramatically improve your analysis outcomes.

Copy of Scan with FSM.png

Innovative Algorithms

Experience the power of our algorithms, designed to minimize significant errors and limitations in subsurface data. This precision applies both to hardware and software aspects, akin to the FSM.

Scan with FSM(1).png

Data Dashboard

The data dashboard in EXSIM LAB Advanced provides users with a comprehensive view of crucial information in one glance. Data scientists will surely appreciate this dashboard's advantages!

EXSIMLAB Advanced-multispectrum-p4.png

more innovative Tools

Innovation is our forte! With the EXOSYS Integrated Solution Suite, enjoy cutting-edge tools and plugins, regularly updated in both EXSIM LAB Advanced & Lite versions.

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